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Bishan Tuition Centres

Bringing out the potential in your child

Bishan Tuition Centres is an online education portal which introduces the primary tuition services available around the Bishan and Ang Mo Kio neighbourhood. There are notable primary tuition centres featured in this portal that provide primary english, math and science tuition programmes. Your child will be guided by motivated and professional tutors as they learn new concepts and master the skills required to score at the examination.

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Preparing for Primary Education

How to prepare your child for success at the primary level?

By tapping on the vast pool of well-organized information in our regional-specific education portal, you can seek out credible tuition centres that conduct exam-oriented primary tuition classes. Under the guidance of the dedicated tutors, your child will be inspired to excel at the primary level. Our online resources will help you make informed decisions that contribute to the educational development of your child.

Enriching your child’s learning experience through the use of technology
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According to the feedback of former students who joined our primary tuition classes, the conventional forms of learning is ineffective as it lacks interaction. Students are expected to read through physical copies of notes. As such, our primary tuition programmes introduces the use of technology to make learning enjoyable and interactive. We provide E-Learning programmes from MobileLearners that feature educational videos which are useful, as the interactivity of video animations would generate your child’s interest in the subject; and raise the efficiency of comprehension and information processing.
Helping your child to prepare better for exams
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In preparation for exams, it is not sufficient for your child to solely master the contents in textbooks as exams often test students on knowledge beyond the scope of textbooks.

In this portal, we feature an Online Learning Blog that contains educational resources prepared by experienced tutors from various tuition centres. These resources, coupled with the guidance from our experienced tutors, will reinforce your child’s knowledge on concepts that are taught in schools, and provides them with additional tips and knowledge to help them to prepare better for their exams. Essentially, the tuition services listed in this blog offers tuition services to help your child to be well-prepared for exams.

Improving your child’s quality of education from the primary level
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We believe that having a good start in primary education will go a long way in shaping your child’s learning and development as your child progresses into secondary and tertiary education. When your child acquires proper studying habits and learning techniques from our tutors and apply it to their studies beyond primary education, it will help them to pave the way for their future academic success.

Primary Tuition Programmes

Excel Through Our Renowned Tuition Programmes

Bishan Tuition Centres provides students undergoing primary education with reputable and quality tuition programmes that will nurture them into smart learners of the 21st century. They will be put through tuition programmes that will develop their academic abilities.

Primary Tuition Singapore - Bishan Tuition Centres - PSLE English Tuition

Pri English Tuition

Under our primary english tuition programmes, students will be able to learn more about the english language through varied class practices and comprehensive notes that will hone their language skills.

Primary Tuition Singapore - Bishan Tuition Centres - PSLE Mathematics Tutition

Pri Math Tuition

Under the primary math tuition programme, students will be able to develop a keen sense of mathematical prowess by undergoing intensive math revision programmes that will prepare students for the examinations.

Primary Tuition Singapore - Bishan Tuition Centres - PSLE Science Tuition

Pri Science Tuition

Under primary science tuition programmes, students will be put through exam oriented lessons that will focus on equipping the with essential exam skills as well as scientific knowledge to be able to tackle the science paper.

Online Learning on Bishan Tuition Centres

Key features of Bishan Tuition Centres portal

To enable the users (parents and child) to benefit from the usage of the portal, we have come up with 2 main features, the educational apps and online learning blog. The educational apps provide parents and their child with greater accessibility to issues related to primary education  while the e-learning will complement the student’s learning.

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The Bishan Tuition Centres app can be used by both parents and students to obtain essential information about the featured tuition centres in Bishan – Ang Mo Kio vicinity. In addition, students can read the latest educational articles written by experienced tutors to improve their understanding of the various issues relating to education in Singapore. The article ranges from specific topics, such as choosing a suitable secondary school after receiving PSLE results, to general topics, such as planning  and proper revision schedules for exams.
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Bishan Tuition Centres features an Online Education Blog that contains insightful articles written by numerous tutors from the tuition centres mentioned in this educational portal. The issues covered are not only to raise awareness about the study issues, but also to provide useful resources that can complement the student’s revision process. For example, tuition centres provide concise revision notes to summarise chapters, so that students can download and view these at their own time. Essentially, this Online Education Blog is useful in providing an additional channel to acquire educational resources.
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Students who enrol in our featured tuition centres at Bishan will have the opportunity to use our e-learning videos to learn. The e-learning video contains animations and visuals aids to convey complex ideas that is difficult to explain in words. Besides, research has also shown that e-learning invokes the learner’s auditory and visual senses, which helping the students to understand the concepts more clearly.

Best Tuition Centres in Bishan, Singapore

Start and End With The Best

Bishan Tuition Centres offer some of the best primary tuition programmes at the featured tuition centres. In these tuition centres, students can review their skills proficiency in handling different question types for primary English, Math, and Science subjects. With the assistance of tutors, who have been in the teaching field for many years, students can be assured of receiving guidance and monitoring to check on their errors. Generally, the tuition centres in Bishan are committed to aid students in their academic endeavours.

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Distinction Tutorial School

Distinction offers primary tuition at Bishan. Ever since its establishment in 1993, numerous students have benefited from the primary tuition programme. The tutors seek to empower students, critical thinking skills and creativity. By providing a conducive learning environment, students can grow intellectually through the interactive and engaging lessons with the tutors. With a small class size, students will receive adequate personal attention from the tutors, so that they can develop and improve along the way.

Empowering Inquisitive 21st Century Learners

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