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Secondary Tuition Singapore is the education portal that specializes in Secondary education. We bring users valuable information on the secondary tuition market in Singapore. For example, we have a catalogue of featured tuition centres with information on their class schedules, teaching methodology and location. The information garnered from the portal will help you to make more informed decisions on which tuition centre to attend. Moreover, we have a range of educational material that will aid students’ learning as well as give parents an insight into the education industry in Singapore.

Primary Tuition Singapore SGEducators - Secondary Tuition Singapore Logo

Progressing from Primary to Secondary Schools

Guiding your child to adapt to a new enivornment

Following the completion of the primary level education, students will advance to the secondary level, which features a whole new set of study requirements. Although the syllabus content bears some similarity in terms of the subjects covered, namely English, Math, and Science, students will be introduced to more in-depth study of the subjects. It is important to note that the secondary level education can be segregated into two blocks: lower secondary and upper secondary. Students can then sustain their efforts to achieve excellence at our featured secondary tuition centres in Singapore by enrolling in the available tuition programmes.

Students at the initial stages of secondary study will be grouped in the lower secondary block, whereby the areas of learning is confined within the English language, Math, and lower secondary science subjects. What students learn at this stage will be relevant to the upper secondary studies, which require a strong fundamental at the preliminary stages of learning. Therefore, it is advised that students seek out academic assistance by joining our lower secondary tuition programmes offered at the featured tuition centres in Secondary Tuition Singapore.

As a continuation to the secondary education, students will select either the science or arts stream to determine the list of subjects to study at the upper secondary level. This is the more crucial phase of study as the students will be undergoing preparation for the O and N Level examinations. For the science subjects, students can take Pure Physics, Chemistry, Biology, or Combined Sciences (Physics/Chemistry or Chemistry/Biology). The sciences require students to employ investigative skills and other forms of scientific enquiry. For arts (humanities) subjects, students can study History, Geography, English Literature, or Combined Humanities (Social Studies/Geography/History). The arts subjects require students to develop a firm grasp of writing, point elaboration, and other forms of critical thinking. In view of these diverse subjects offered at the upper secondary level, students can enroll in our secondary tuition programmes at the relevant secondary tuition centres to get a headstart in their educational journey.

Main features of Secondary Tuition Singapore

A Comprehensive Secondary Tuition Resource Portal

Secondary Tuition Singapore is the education portal for everything related to Secondary education. We have listings by credible tuition centres, on top of educational materials such as e-learning programmes to supplement knowledge that students’ gained from school and tuition.

Get up-to-date with the latest syllabus changes
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The O level syllabus changes once every 5 to 10 years. Every syllabus change comes with a whole host of challenges that students face. A new syllabus may mean that students may require a greater depth of knowledge or new answering techniques. Therefore, we at Secondary Tuition Singapore have a summary of every major syllabus change to pinpoint the key areas where students should take note of. As such, students that read our syllabus report will have a better understanding of what is required for them to score well in examinations. Don’t miss out!
Access all our integrated learning portals
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Secondary Tuition Singapore is one of three level-specific portals that give students and their parents unprecedented access to tuition services in Singapore. The three websites – Primary Tuition Singapore, Secondary Tuition Singapore, JC Tuition Singapore – allows users to browse tuition centres based on the level of tuition that they need. Moreover, they have a host of educational material that is specially catered to each level of education.

We also have three region-specific portals – Bishan Tuition Centres, Tampines Tuition Centres, Bukit Timah Tuition Centres – which links users to tuition centres in a specific region. Users get one stop easy access to tuition centres. Hence, users are empowered, have a wider choice and a greater say when it comes to making informed decisions about signing up for tuition classes.

Get the latest Secondary education news
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Secondary education is a hot topic in Singapore, with many websites offering study tips, syllabus changes, and tuition news. However, none of these websites offer all the various education news under one roof. The Secondary Tuition Singapore portal allows users to browse all of these topics in our news section. This brings education news straight to your fingertips with our all-encompassing portal.
Enroll in our featured tuition centres today
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Secondary Tuition Singapore features a whole host of popular and established tuition centres that cater to a wide range of O level subjects. Users of our portal can make use of the information listed – ranging from tuition programmes offered, tuition timeslots and location of tuition centre – to choose a tuition centre that best suits their learning needs. The tuition centres listed are at the forefront of teaching exam-oriented knowledge and skills that will last a lifetime.

Get the edge over other students

Secondary Tuition Singapore is the one stop portal for all O level students transitioning to Secondary. It has a catalogue of Secondary tuition centres that cater to a wide range of subjects for students of all learning abilities. Moreover, Secondary Tuition Singapore has many tuition centres that are also featured for their secondary tuition in the Secondary Tuition Singapore portal. As such, students can experience a certain continuity when it comes to transition from primary education to secondary education. This will allow them to adapt quicker to the rigor and pace of the secondary school syllabus.

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