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Tampines Tuition Centres

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Tampines Tuition Centre is the one stop portal for all reputable tuition centres located in the East of Singapore – Tampines, Bedok, Pasir Ris, Simei. We specialize in combining a variety of factors – location, learning style of student, current knowledge level of student – to find the tuition centre that best suits your child’s needs. You can get up to date information on the popularity and effectiveness of existing tuition centres. You can also view newest tuition centres in the East side and read the testimonials of students.

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Our Tampines Education Hub

Get access to Singapore’s premier education hub

Tampines Tuition Centre consists of an immersive portal that allows you to view all registered tuition centres in the east side of Singapore. You can see what each of our featured tuition centres offer – subjects, workshops, fieldtrips. Furthermore, the proximity of these tuition centres to students living in the East of Singapore provides an unrivalled edge in the accessibility and convenience when it comes to attending tuition classes. Our featured tuition centres offer a wide range of tuition programmes that cover all 3 levels of education (Primary, Secondary, Junior College). Our portal also enables you to know more about syllabus requirements and to stay informed on the most updated teaching content in the market. Moreover, Tampines Tuition Centre is part of an integrated education hub that is a leader in the E-Learning sector of Singapore. We provide easy access to education news on top of allowing parents like you to view all registered tuition centres –split by region and educational level – across Singapore.

Tuition programmes for students of all levels
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Tampines Tuition Centre allows you to choose tuition programmes from all registered centres in Tampines. Take a look at our catalogue of tuition classes catered to students of all levels from primary through to junior college. Our listings of featured tuition centres is useful for parents and students that are seeking help with their studies on subject-specific matters. We provide detailed information on the subjects that each tuition centre offers. Some tuition centres also host a wide variety of activities outside of regular tuition classes to enhance the learning experience of students. A few such examples include intensive revision classes when nearing the examination period, holiday programmes during the mid and year end holidays, and various excursions to educational sites in Singapore.
Key syllabus changes for Singapore’s education system
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Get up to date with the latest syllabus changes implemented by the Ministry of Education (Singapore). The primary, secondary and junior college syllabus changes once every 5 to 10 years. Without a doubt, the changes in syllabus will involve a lot of technical jargon that may not be easily decipherable. With that being said, someone has to go through the syllabus report and make a summary of it for easy reading. We at Tampines Tuition Centre will pick out the key changes in each subject and explain the difference between the new and old syllabus in a  concise manner. We will also state what impact/ what it means for students with the change in syllabus. This would help both students and their parents understand the details of what the change in syllabus means to them, and how to cater their learning to better suit the rigour and requirements of the new syllabus.
Excel with E-Learning
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The education industry has moved away from the traditional rote learning method to more interactive ways of imparting knowledge to students. The rote learning method is dead. Studies have shown that it isn’t an effective tool for long term retention of knowledge. In fact, it has been proven that teaching methods that involve interaction is key to a student being able to focus and retain the information being taught. As the teaching pedagogy shifts towards a technology driven one, Tampines Tuition Centre has embraced this change with open arms. We have our very own E-learning programme developed by MobileLearners as well as our mobile app (SGEducators) that gives users access to the integrated education hub connecting all the featured education centres in Singapore. Furthermore, we make our own educational videos, E-publications on top of our regular blog posts by our resident tutors to enhance the learning experience of our students and the engagement of parents in their child’s education.
Access the integrated education hub
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Both students and parents can access the integrated education hub that connects all the featured education centres in Singapore. We have a variety of partner sites that split education centres into different categories, namely by education level and region. For region, we have Bishan, Bukit Timah and Tampines. Education level, Primary, Secondary, JC. This allows the parent and student an easy interface to scan through the many education centres available and choose the one that best suits the student’s needs. Moreover, we have our very own mobile app, SG Educators, which connects users to the integrated education hub that we have built up. Our partner websites and our SG Educators mobile application, give you the unprecedented ability to access information on tutors, education centres and prices of private tuition throughout Singapore at your convenience. We strongly believe in empowering the consumer, helping them make the right choice that benefits the student.
Get to know the latest happenings in Tampines
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Tampines is the regional hub for Eastern Singapore. As with any big town there’s a lot to know on a day to day basis. Get to know about the latest events and activities by Tampines Tuition Centre on top of various events held by the community in Tampines. Here at Tampines Tuition Centre, we have a daily roundup of all the news and happenings in Tampines town. We not only cover education news such as the opening of a new tuition centre but also general news regarding the town. Ranging from crime cases to the latest uplifting story of the day. Without a doubt we are the one and only portal that focuses on the on-goings of Tampines town on top of being a comprehensive educational portal.

Best Tuition Centres in Tampines, Singapore

Take a look at our featured Tampines tuition centres here! These tuition centres have the highest approval rating by current and ex-students. Student testimonials show that they conduct interactive and enriching lessons that enable students achieve the grades that they deserve. The parents of students that have attended these tuition centres also gave us rave reviews about the value for money of these tuition centres. All in all, these tuition centres are the most popular ones among both parents and students for the educational experience and value for money. So what are you waiting for? View the programme and timetable of these tuition centres here!

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