Fulfilling the intellectual curiosity of students.

In view of the disruptive effects of the COVID-2019 pandemic, many physical classes were suspended to stem the spread. Even so, we believe that the pursuit of knowledge should never cease.
Therefore, online learning is the next critical step to surmount such unforeseen obstacles. Since many young students are increasingly accustomed to technology, eLearning is certainly the ideal approach to pique their interests.

Why eLearning?

Benefits of online learning

Online learning has a plethora of benefits for students seeking to do well for their PSLE. Students can experience guided and varied means of learning, have the resources to learn independently and learn at convenience of their own homes

Varied means of learning

As students have different learning methods, our online learning provides varied means of teaching, such as using videos and a virtual whiteboard. Different learning methods help to engage them and keep their interest in learning. This ensures that the needs of every student is catered to and helps them to learn efficiently.

Independent learning

Beyond lessons guided by educators, the online learning programme is filled with additional resources such as learning videos and practice questions which students can do at their own time independently. Having consistent practise helps to increase the students’ level of proficiency.


Students can engage in online learning anytime and anywhere. This minimises the need for travelling, thus more time and attention can be devoted to learning important concepts and practising exam questions

How It Works?

Unique features of our eLearning.

The benefits of online learning that I have mentioned is made possible with the unique features that our eLearning system provides. These features are adequate in helping students learn exam techniques and acquire proper studying habits. Our features are not meant to impress you visually, but rather to produce the intended results.


Customised learning lessons

Our eLearning system is not a one-size fits all portal for students. We understand that students have different proficiency levels. Therefore, our lessons and worksheets are customised to their proficiency levels to ensure that they have a strong learning foundation. Afterwards, they progressively move on to higher level content to challenge and enhance their learning.


Variety of teaching tools

The elearning system boosts a variety of teaching tools such as live-streaming for class discussion and a virtual whiteboard for illustrative explanations. These tools ensure that the educator can teach concepts effectively and students can clarify their doubts.


One-stop portal

The eLearning system acts as a one-stop portal for students as they can store all of their learning materials in a secure and private digital folder. This keeps students organized as they can keep their notes, marked practices and any other materials. The folder is easily accessible and acts as their personal bookshelf for educational purposes.


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Utilise eLearning to your advantage

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