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Secondary Tuition Singapore was established as an online portal for students and parents to gain key insights into secondary school education and the O Levels examinations. The portal also introduces parents to renowned tuition centres, allowing them to find one that best suits their child’s needs. In addition, we provide valuable resources that will help students prepare for the O Levels examination – ranging from educational videos, examination “cheat sheets” and also tips and tricks for surviving the examination period. The portal has all the necessary materials that students need to transit from primary to secondary school and to supplement their learning with.

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Tuition Programmes

What do our secondary tuition centres provide?

Browse these secondary tuition programmes to have a head-start in your preparation for the GCE N and O Level examinations. Our classes are conducted by professional and engaging Secondary tutors who provide useful learning materials and close guidance. Also, you can try the online learning classes to expand your areas of learning meaningfully.

Secondary English Tuition

Learn how to answer O Level English questions by attending our online discussion classes. These lessons cover Composition and Situational Writing, Comprehension and Editing.

Secondary Math Tuition

Join the Lower or Upper Secondary Math Tuition online classes to develop your problem-solving skills. For Upper Secondary students, our featured centres conduct A or A Math Tuition classes to provide specific conceptual support.

Lower Secondary Science Tuition

Set a strong foundation for Science by attending our Lower Secondary Science Tuition online classes to be ready for the later stages. These classes are essential for those taking subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Biology in the Upper Sec.

Secondary Chemistry Tuition

Study effectively to be ready for the O Level Chemistry examinations. We cover topical review, class practices and post-lesson consultation. Our classes are suited for those taking either Pure Chemistry or Combined Science.

Secondary Physics Tuition

Learn about the fascinating topics of O Level Physics through real-time video discussions and online multiple choice questions. These Physics Tuition programmes are essential in conceptual review for topics like Magnetism.

Secondary Economics Tuition

Explore the topics of O Level Economics and learn to answer multiple choice, unseen data response and structured essay questions. These tuition classes cover topics like Allocation of Resources and Role of Government.

Featured Tuition Centres

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This portal hosts a series of education centres that provide classes. Receive study notes and practices to make learning more productive. With the combined efforts of your diligence and our technical expertise, success is definitely within your reach.

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